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Shoe Fun

I love to go shopping.  I mean shopping is probably one of my favorite hobbies out of everything I do.  The problem is, I have such a dirty mind that I spend my whole trip to the mall giggling and buying things with a phallic shape.  I think that’s why I like shoe shopping so much.  The stiletto heels on shoes are getting so tall… and long, these days.  After a trip to the mall last week, a new pink mini dress, and a very awesome pair of heels, I was utterly spent.  That is until I started fiddling with my heel.  Then I decided to try something dirty, and I slid my high heel under my mini dress.  It was a little hard to slide the tall heel in, but I’ve officially made my shopping addiction worse.  See the rest of my footwear fun at Danielle Ftv.

Lesbian Love

p>I’m so glad we keep the video camera around when friends drop by.  Visits like this one are so hot and random.  Click play on the video below and watch me get my hot, tight pussy licked by a sweet and beautiful girl.  She’s so attentive with her tongue, licking my clit, stroke after stroke, while I moan in pleasure.  The video from FTV Girls is only a few minutes long, but I assure you, I rocked her little world in return.  For the rest of the video, head on over to Danielle FTV.  Careful, the rest of this video gets a little dirty, and I love it.  Bisexuality means never having to turn your friends down for hot, on camera pussy licking.

Irish Wench

p>I had some fun playing an Irish wench for photos.  If you like dark beer, this shoot is even more fun.  The beer bottle was cold, but it’s my favorite kind, so no waste.  I love the pretty green outfit a lot.  I wondered how awesome it would be to tend bar in this little dress.  Get a better look at these sexy photos at  Danielle Ftv where I have the whole set.

Football Star

I hope you enjoy this little teaser.  I had a bunch of fun with some small town, southern fun playing football. I’ve never played topless before, and it was a lot of fun.  My boobs were everywhere though.  See my winning touchdown with the rest of this at Danielle Ftv .